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TDE | Howl:Howard| Cause Leader by Elesette TDE | Howl:Howard| Cause Leader by Elesette
* please be aware of slight mature content in his reference information.

Basic Information

    Name :
    Boarjaw Howard "Howl"

    Ex Clan :
    Ex Thunderclan
    Breed :
    Burmilla (50%) | Maine Coon (25%)| Turkish Van (20%) | Other (5%)

    Age :
    2 cycles 10 moons
    Heritage :
    Mother: Anya(rogue) Disappeared.
    Father: Heckle (Kitty Pet)

Stats Information

    Coming soon

Character Information


    [Charming][Charismatic][Obsessive][Aggressive] [Snappy] [Understanding] [Impatient] [Lover] [Insecure] [Narcissistic]

      Charming + Charismatic

    Possibly Howard's strongest character trait, Howard is a real crowd-pleaser. He knows how to "talk-the-talk" and "walk-the-walk" of a true prince. He's got a smile that will draw you in, and eyes that could fake the greatest amount of interest, power, or love. His mother always complimented him on his looks, telling him he was the most handsome kit she had ever seen, and that might have been true. He's known that ladies have adored him in the past, and shows it in his outward confidence around she-cats. When he needs to put on a good act he is known to be absolutely polite and utterly 'delightful'.

    He is extremely talented at giving speeches and will never falter in front of even the largest group. He soaks in attention. He inspiries devotion and love in even the most cynical of cats. He refuses to take no as an answer from anyone, and uses many persuasive techniques to get exactly what he wants from whom he wants it from.


    While this tom cat would never obsess over another cat, and would leave even his own brother in the dirt if he needed to Howard is constantly obsessing over ideas new and old. He feels most empowered when he's thinking about something or delving into a theory he hasn't quite figured out true. He loves to strategize to a point where its unhealthy, and when he gets excited about something, he feels everyone should get just as excited, because he can't stop thinking about it.

      Agressive + Snappy

    Teaming up with his obsessive thought process, Howard is persistent in everything he does. He is on top of everything that crosses his mind and will incessantly bug someone who hasn't gotten something done. Aside from being absolutely bulldogged,
    He is also physically aggressive. He doesn't put up with cats who don't follow orders and will likely lay a claw on those who don't agree with him. This is not to say he is completely close minded however, as he does appreciate the suggestions of others. Just be careful when you want to speak your mind however, he'll either respond with a nod of approval or a bit to your skin.

    He can get extremely snappy toward even his favorite cats. His closest allies ( I say allies, because he really doesn't have any friends) know this, and have learned not to snap back. He can be exceedingly cruel with his quick back talk comments, which can easily be mistaken by whining.

      Insecure + Narcissistic

    Howard is becoming increasingly insecure due to his growing ambitions. He feels sometimes that his hard work is leaving no payout, and often feels that he's not doing anything right. His inability to share his inner feelings with others also makes this worse and worse. These insecurities also tie into his aggressive and snappy attitude as he often lashes out on those who do not understand what hes going through. A trait that hinders his usually charming personality, his insecurities are heavy on his shoulders.

    Howl also has slight mother issues, not that you'll ever see him showing such facts. He'd much rather have everyone think that his charming front is the only him that exists,not the weak kit he is underneath the facade.

    Howl needs to know he's loved and wanted constantly because he is in fact a narcissist of the worst kind. He believes he's built for some kind of godly destiny... but one he's bound to screw up. He flips constantly back and forth from being confident and arrogant, to horridly helpless and self-hateful. He feels that because he is " so amazing" he must beat himself down to bring himself to the other cats levels. He does this subconsciously however, and often seems to flip between Manic and Depressive, making him look like a victim of Bi Polar Disorder.


    You'll be able to tell by the constant flick of his tail- howl is extremely impatient, and becomes agitated when simple things don't work out at the moment he feels they should be executed. His impatience however, is only a trait in the short run. He can't handle waiting a few hours for something that might take a whole day, however he is completely fine staying a plan that is meant to last for a few months. If a cat messes up a plan for Howl, he best be ready to take the consequences, or fix and cover up his tracks before Howl notices. Better to take the consequences though - Howl is very attentive. While he is forgiving, his impulsive nature may lead him to act oppositely at the beginning of an argumentative situation


    Howl is a lover. He is affectionate, not only does he want to receive love, he constantly needs to give love. However, he has issues deciding whom should receive such actions from him. He's never really found a female that suits him, and there are very few cats he entirely trusts enough to share such feelings.

    Back Story


    :bulletgreen: Green bullets will mark Main events :bulletgreen:

      Before Birth

    He remembers her hardly now, the she-cat that gave birth to him. He remembers opening his eyes for the first
    time and seeing her pale face smile at him. He remembers that she was lost to him.

    Howl's mother Anya was a lovely she cat bred from two kitty pet parents, but she yearned for the outside. Nothing
    but the wind and the trees and the rain seemed to calm her as much as they did. The white walls of an up walker's kingdom
    just wasn't the kind of grandeur that she wanted, So she left the day she turned a full cycle old. It was hard getting past the
    Russians that had raised her, and even harder getting past her kittypet mother, but somehow, she escaped.

    During her first days alone, she simply skipped from backyard to backyard, flicking fish from ponds, and scooping up the hard and dry feline food that other up walkers left out their cats to eat. She tried her bit at hunting, but this little she cat was just no good at it. She was beginning to feel lost and alone, scared and hopeless, when a pair of dark brown burmese ears popped from behind a bush had been so sure that a mouse was hiding under.

    "If you think you're going to catch prey like that, you're very wrong" Giggled the two ears, " Especially if you're not even stalking a mouse... you see, I AM a cat"

    The two ears stepped forward to match the giggling voice to a large cat. He appeared to be something of a mix between a Burmese and a Norwegian Forest cat. Anya found him handsome no doubt. She knew at once that she wanted him as a teacher, the large muscular cat seemed to know his way around, and she could just smell the forest on the tip of her nose and tongue.

    The two felines spent more than enough time together in the following moons, they began to share more than just a teacher and student relationship. There came a day when the two would become mates... and give birth to two squealing kits.

    :bulletgreen: Howl's Mother Anya leaves her twoleg home
    :bulletgreen: Anya Meets a Burmese mix male Named Heckle
    :bulletgreen: Anya Gives birth to Heckle's Kits


    The two kittens were born smoothly, and Anya was gifted and easy birth. However, from the beginning her precious daughter, named Oksana after he mother, was showing signs of weakness. The blue kitten did not squeal or chirp for her mother like her brother, Howard, did.

    The chocolate covered tom-kit was as rambunctious as could be. He would often be pulling on his sleeping sister's ears, trying to get her to play. Howl's mother knew something that he didn't, the small she-kit was not going to make it another fort-night. She was too weak for the real world, she could only survive in a womb, or a starry existence.

    During the first weeks of Howard's life, his sister fell to her weakness, and made her way to her personal heaven. Not completely aware of what happened, Howard was not saddened by her death. It wasn't till many moons later he came to full realization that he had outlived his sibling because he was stronger. Instead of giving him guilt or sadness as the death of a sibling might or should give a young cat of his age, he felt power.

    It was the day he realized his sisters death that he felt the first innocent pangs of feeling that he was meant for better.
    After all, the higher powers of the world had chosen him to live, and not her, of course he was better. On the day of his half year birthday, when he turned six moons old, his mother smiled at him. Anya knew then he would grow strong, and that he would
    live. Howard wanted nothing more in life than to prove her assumptions correct.

    :bulletgreen: Anya has two kittens, she names them Oksana and Howard
    :bulletgreen: Oksana is born weak, and dies a week after her birth
    :bulletgreen: Anya moves Howard to live in an abandoned Barn and house, which would later become the Cause's Camp
    :bulletgreen: Howard lives to be six months old, and is considered safe from death by Anya

      Young Adult

    When he was seven moons old, Howard experienced fear for the first time. Anya had said they had to leave the spot he had grown up in, an abandoned two-leg barn Anya had found to give birth in. She said that "humans" were searching. He'd never heard the furless beings called that before, but that was not what he was afraid of. He was afraid of the black stretch of land his mother said they had to cross. He didn't know what it was, but he had a bad feeling about it the second his paw stepped onto the hot surface.

    All he could think was then - was that this was a very bad place to be. Anya told him he had to hurry, because monsters came here. As they crossed and Anya described to her son what a monster looked like, the ground began to rumble. Anya had screamed for him to run, as she ran across the road, wishing that her son wasn't as big as he was. When she reached the the soft grass opposite the side of the black path she had just crossed, Howl's mother gawked in horror. Her son was not next to her, and the monster had already passed.

    Even Howard thought he was dead. At first he couldn't see anything, then his surroundings came to him in little pieces. The monster had just missed him when he paused on that road in fear. The young chocolate tom feared death ever since. He never wanted to experience the closeness he felt to the end of his life again.

    As he grew Anya taught him all she knew about the forest, but she would not answer his ever persistent questions on his father. He often wondered, where was the Tom that his mother called Heckle in her sleep. She would never tell him, and as far as his life has gone so far, he hadn't found out.

    After more months passed and Howl learned not to ask about Heckle any more, but not after he learned that he looked just like the Tom he was supposed to have called father. Instead, he focused on becoming stronger and better for his mother, and learning the ways of life he dreamed his father had taught his mother.

    :bulletgreen: Howard is almost killed by a Car, however the car barely misses him on the road
    :bulletgreen: Howard beings to wonder where his father disappeared too before his birth
    :bulletgreen: Howard Developes a fear of death

      A Turn in the Tides

    He was nearly 1 cycle and 9 months when the great battle happened. Anya and Howard had fought to eat for the past 9 months, and they both knew that if cats were to survive in the forest, something was going to have to have give, or something was going to have to change at least. The mother and child had heard whispers of a meeting under the great trees that grew grandly near to the black thunder path. Anya knew that she was going to participate, she knew that Howard would want to, and she told him to stay hidden.

    During the time before the battle, Howard hadn't the slightest idea where his mother was, but he knew he would find her when he reached the four trees. Because despite her wishes, the young tom was going to fight. He had entered the battle in confidence. He had thought there was no way he could loose. He charged in remembering a story his mother told him when he was a kitten, one that he had taken to heart.

    The story followed that of Anya' dreams It was the one time she had talked more than a slight sentence about Heckle since Howl and his late sister were born. It told of how Anya had fallen in love, and when that love disappeared, she had grown bitter. It told about how her bitterness soon turned to inspiration. She told howl that one day... She would be queen, and she would find her King, her Heckle again, She said they would rule the land in happiness, and that Howl would never know the pain that she had felt before his birth. Anya told howl that he was destined to rule this land. She explained to him that he was her prince, and he would forever be a prince until he became a king

    Anya had not intended for such a story to become distorted in Howls mind when he grew older. No, she had just wanted him to know that he was wonderful, and that he meant the world to her. When the battle commenced however, the story was the only thing on his mind. What he saw that night changed him forever. The pain that he felt in his back and a large cream tom sliced his back open was unimaginable. His fear of death only worsened that night, when he woke in a dream, and saw a fork in a road. One lead to the stars, away from life, and the other deep down... Instead of running into either the light or the darkness, the dreaming Howard ran back, and found himself barely alive in the blood of other cats. The battle had ended, and the living cats had gone.

    He liked to think his mother searched for him.

    :bulletgreen: Howl fights in the great battle without his mother's knowledge
    :bulletgreen: Howl has his second near death experience, when his back is slit open
    :bulletgreen: Anya and Howl are lost to each other from this day forward, he is sure she died in the battle.

      Clan Life

    When the Clans formed three months after the Great Battle had ended, Howl had no intention of joining. He didn't like the communistic sets of cats that were forming. He didn't like the rules he heard about through old friends. It was Thunderstar's compliments that drew him in. He was lulled by the cat that told him he would be a good addition, enchanted suddenly by being a part of a family once again. He found himself accepting the clan graciously.

    He did not expect what happened later that day. He had been talking with some of the less recent clan members, followers that had known him for more than a week or two. They explained to him how Thunderstar planned to run his clan, and he became excited. He was happy to feel like he might belong to something again. He was confused when a a lovely russian blue entered the camp. He knew her face, he knew her scars -

    "Hey Ratsong, we have a new member!" A voice sounded then.
    "Thats great news Nettle" A reply.

    He knew her voice. Yes, he knew the voice of that she-cat clear as day. It was different, yes, it
    was no longer lathered in the russian accent that it once held so heavily - but he knew it was hers.
    The scars he didn't recognize.

    Even though he thought he saw her brow line raise in recognition, and even though his own did - she walked
    right past him, as if she didn't care her long lost son, but she did turn and say "welcome to the clan"

    The days that would pass would be frightful, Howl would run to Ratsong, begging her to understand that he was indeed her
    son, he was her howard. She'd only look confused, and tell him that he needed to see that she was Ratsong, formerly Rat,
    and that he was the one who was confused.

    Time would go on and he would accept this at true, and tell himself his mother really did die that night at the Great Battle,
    coming to terms with it was the most painful thing he ever did - She was never coming back. That realization sparked something new in the growing tom, and it was something dark. One of these cats had killed his mother. He knew it was true, and he knew that if he couldn't single out one, he would force his mothers dreams on them all. He wished to honor her death by making the story she once told true - he would set the clans against another, and he would rule.

    His first plan was to become leader of the clan he lived in - Kill Thunderstar and the cat that looked like a ghost of his mother.
    The plan went infallibly wrong. Both of the cats he planned to kill banished him- and once again he was alone.

    :bulletgreen: Howl is convinced to join Thunderclan
    :bulletgreen: He meets a cat whom Calls herself Ratsong - he is obsessed with thinking that she is his mother
    :bulletgreen: Ratsong convinced Howl that he is wrong, he decides to avenge his mother after realizing a cat from the clans was likely the one to kill her.
    :bulletgreen: Howl attempts to kill Thunderstar and Ratsong, but fails and is banished from the clan.

      Rising to the Cause

    The clans had only existed for 4 moons, and already something was plotting against them - Howl. When he left that night a cat followed him - a queer warrior named Banshee. She claimed she could be of aid to him, she asked for him to walk with her that night, and so they did- both knowing something better than the clans could exist.

    If he hadn't already been through enough - Howl would endure more that night. He would come across a cat barely alive. He and Banshee would work hard to save that cats life - and in that night, Howl would gain his first two followers - Banshee and Artemis. In the month that passed after his banishment, Howl shared his darkest dreams with the two felines. He told them how he wanted to rule a monarchy over the clans, he wanted there to be a king and his queen. He eyed Banshee when he said this - and it wasn't till later he would realize that she wasn't his kind of girl - and rather she creeped him out completely.

    The three cats soon collected other rogues, cats that realized the clans had taken over their freedom. The rogues began to cluster around this cat named Howl - this feline who was side to have a divine plan - A plan to return lovely freedoms to the hunting grounds the clans had taken over.

    Howl realized his dreams and his mother's dreams could come true, and even more he realized a new family was forming around him. He found that a family he ruled would not betray him. They would not be like the father he was sure abandoned him, or his mother who left him through death. This family wouldn't betray him like he felt Thunder Clan had. He felt he would no longer be rejected. The chocolate tom began collecting talented cats - killers and hunters. He began to organize and plan. He vowed that because this new family believed in his dream, he would fulfill it - if not for himself - for all of them.

    The Cause was born.


Inside Sky Clan :
None yet!
Outside Cats :

Wind Clan

Roleplay Sample

Of course he knew that crossing into enemy territory was not only highly illegal, but dangerous as well. He had a philosophy however; actually he had a lot of those. The one that paired with the situation best was this: Laws and Rules are made to regulate and protect, the code was made to keep order. One could never however, leave a cat in need outside of battle. He believed that there was a higher order of things, and that even Star clan would want cats to live peacefully enough to help each other out every once in a while. He’d feel terrible if she died out here on her own because he wanted to follow some rules.

Stagheart brushed his tail agains the she-ca reassuringly, “Don’t worry M’am,” He smiled big, showing a tooth that was just a bit bigger than the others that poked out even when his maw was closed, “ I’ll see to it you’re not too bothered by my presence” He had one of those grins were no matter what his eyes lit up with happiness, they were pointedly his best feature.

“Oh, I’m Stagpaw-Heart. I’m Stagheart,” He turned his head slightly in embarrassment. He’d been a warrior for moons already, and still introduced himself by his former name, “ I’m called Stagheart, a good name I suppose but definitely not as pretty as Koi,” He liked her name as well. It was soft and delicate and divine sounding, much like the apprentice in front of him. He himself was a fairly well groomed Tom – but he did have his weeks where their seemed to be no time for a daily bath, especially not with his new apprentice Blazingpaw – who, as a new apprentice, was energetic enough to keep a whole clan entertained.

Least to say, he hadn’t groomed himself yet this week, and with all the rain in the days before this one a little mud in his fur was inevitable. He couldn't say he was all too worried about looking prim, especially when he didn't expect to meet such a beautiful female on such sudden circumstances.

As the two delved farther into Wind clan territory, Stagheart realized he hadn't the slightest idea where they were going. He’d never been in Wind Clan Camp before, and despite the continuously more concentrated scent of the foreign clan he couldn't seem to pin point were the Clan resided.

“Koipaw, would you mind leading the way? I’d be lying if I said I’d been through the territory before. I have no idea where your camp is!”
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